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How to wax snowboard in 5 steps

In today’s post we will learn how to wax our snowboard in 5 easy steps.

We will also see how to repair the sole of the table with cofix.

How do we know if we need our table Snowboard waxing?
Easy, when in doubt, apply wax, you will never wrong.
If the table is in great need of wax, the sole will look whitish and dry.

Materials required

  • Wax for snowboards.
  • Cleaner wax or Acetone.
  • Iron.
  • Metal or plastic scraper.
  • Horsehair brush. (Optional)
    material herramientas encerar tabla snowboard

Step 1: Clean the table’s wax residue.

We cleared the sole with a special wax solvent or if you don’t have it you can use acetone.

Step 2: Repair damages.

If the table has scratches or damage. You need fix it melting a Cofix bar in area in question, once dry will match it with the blade so it is perfectly smooth and ready for waxing.

Step 3: Apply the wax.

We use a special iron for waxing or we can buy a clothes iron with temperature control but importantly, without steam holes because the wax would be among them.
These irons can find them for about 13 €.
If you want a specific iron for snow you will have to spend more money.

The wax that we used is a wax for all snow temperatures.
We put the wax in contact with the iron at low temperature so that it melts and dripping on the sole, so we spreading droplets across the surface of the table.

Once applied the wax we have to “iron” the wax and spread all around the sole from the front to the back and will spread the melting wax to create a wax evenly throughout the bottom of the table.

Once all the wax is extended we leave to dry for a day, if you are in a hurry, let dry at least for 30-40min.

In this picture you can see the wax spread all around the sole.
cera suela snowboard tabla

Step 4: Remove the excess wax.

With a metal or plastic scraper we’ve to remove the excess wax from the front to the rear.

Step 5: After removing the excess wax, we had to finish polishing with a brush horsehair.
The reason to use horsehair brush is to prevent static electricity that is generated in the sole but if you haven’t you can try with a normal brush.

This is how our snowboard looks after brushing with horsehair brush.
pulido tabla snowboard
In this video you can check the 5 steps. Enjoy 😉

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